all of these secrets
fall like the tiniest grains of sand
and these secrets
escape far too soon for me to
catch them.


If I could choose one memory to be branded on my mind forever, it would be the time I sat in the passenger seat of my Dad's car,  just the two of us. It was night and the rain hit the windshield, the wipers moving back and forth across the glass, making a small squeaking noise where there wasn't moisture in some places. The lights seemed to flow with the water, drifting from their bulbs for a moment and then going back to their rightful place.
"If you squint, the headlights look like stars," I said quietly to him as we went down the highway, heading home.
"I've never noticed that before," Dad said through a slight smile. We sat in the quiet, just the rumble of the engine and the rain pattering on the windows, and we squinted at the lights together.

Like geese in autumn

sometimes it's frustrating, to hear my wrist watch tick in the silence. the little second hand moving at a methodical speed. and sometimes it's frustrating to awake in the morning and fix the sheets a certain way only to mess and wrinkle them up again in just a number of hours. and sometimes, it's frustrating to feel like there's so much to do, only to sit and wait for the calendar to cross its own days out. it's frustrating how the days can seem so slow, yet fade away so fast. the hours fade away so fast, the ticking second hand flying away like the geese in autumn. flying away, flying away.

You have to find your own way out

you're afraid,
lost here in the darkness
but it's your own darkness
and you have to find your own way out.

you're lost here in this place,
a dark scary place
where you're lost and alone
because of your own doing

you've got to be strong
get through this on your own
you gotta stop relying on the world
because it'll crash down on you anyway

there'll be deaths, 
there'll be losses
there'll be things you can't control

you're stuck here,
lost in this diabolical place
filled with demons
that follow you into the night

you've gotta know that not everything
will always be beautiful
not everything will be filled with light

you're not gonna be kind all the time
you're gonna bleed
you're gonna say things you regret and
you're gonna say things you don't want to,
but you have to

you've gotta be strong
this darkness won't slow down
you've gotta be your own light

you've gotta put your chin up, kid
life isn't gonna slow down for you
there's gonna be darkness in some choices
and light in others

but it's up to you to choose
'cause no one can do it for you
youve gotta learn to open up your own eyes
learn to walk away when you know it's right

turn around when you know you've done wrong
stop and go back when you know in your guts it's wrong
you've gotta be strong
you've got the light inside of you

you've gotta make the right choice

so do it
for yourself
for them
for others
for him

even if you can't see it now
you'll see it soon

you've gotta do whats best for you
even when you wanna make others feel happy
you gotta make sure youre happy first

so stop



and make the right choice
before it's too late.

you're afraid,
lost here in the darkness
but it's your own darkness
and you have to find your own way out.

If I could tell you

If I could tell you that you are the sea
If I could tell you that you are the stars
If I could tell you that you are the morning sun
If I could tell you that you are the purest light;
If I could tell you - 

I would.


Trembling, she opened her heart; quietly she whispered, "let's go.”