I picked up the page with the prongs and dropped it into the basin filled with chemicals. I watched the page gain life - the black and white shapes that were once invisible gained strength, coming to the forefront of the blank page. I could see the shapes take form, becoming something almost tangible. I moved the page down the line of basins, securing the memory on the page. I picked it up, hanging the documented, frozen moment on the line to dry.

Carolyn Emily Photography Nashville Tennessee Fine Art Short Stories

I stood back from the photograph, lifting my fingers to my mouth and smiling lightly. I created something. I created something beautiful, and I felt my heart sputter faster. I knew then, as I looked down at my camera, lit up by the red light above me, that this was something.

Something profound.

I'm a girl who fell in love with creating images. Making photographs. Chasing the shadows and contrasting light. I wander through wooded forests, wildflower fields, snowy hills, and fire-fly lit backyards, always with my camera in tow. I set up my tripod, either to grab a snapshot of the lowering sunshine rays, or to step into the image myself and create a self portrait.

Photography, to me, is a diary of sorts. A diary that is not penned, but marked with emotions. Sadness. Melancholy heartache. Anger. Sweet happiness. Tender, fragile feelings that seem to happen one moment and disappear the next.

I'm sure you understand in some ways. There's bound to be something in your life that makes your heart sputter.

Hold onto it tightly. Don't let it go.

Carolyn Emily Photography Nashville Tennessee Fine Art Short Stories

Hello, I am Carolyn. A wife, a diary-maker, a feeling-capturer. I tend to speak better through images and written words.

I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee with my handsome, strong-willed husband who loves music. We live here in a tiny apartment  just trying to follow the path the Lord has laid out for us. I hope that you'll enjoy this project: my thoughts and my heart.

what I love most: my husband, the Lord, friendships, wildflower fields, soul-connecting conversations, journals, the smell of old books, empty libraries, writing, the sound of rain hitting the window, soft sunlight, reading on the porch, the beach at sunset, bonfires, soft, nostalgic music